What’s Coming Up?

Here is where you can find a list of topics and inspirations we will be focusing on in upcoming weeks. We would love to have you join us at any of our Sunday morning worship services. If for any reason you can’t make it to our Sunday morning worship service, please check out This Week’s Inspiration for a summary of the message and links to an audio recording and a written text of the sermon. You also might enjoy visiting our Home Worship page for ideas about having a simple worship service in your own home on the days you can’t make it to church.

This summer we are offering a six part series on spiritual disciplines.  Every Sunday we will have a worship service that focuses on a different spiritual discipline and how it can help improve our relationship with the Lord and our spiritual life in general:

  1. Meditation: Sunday, July 2nd, 10:30am
  2. Self Reflection: Sunday, July 9th, 10:30am
  3. Prayer: Sunday, July 16th, 10:30am
  4. Worship: Sunday, July 30th, 10:30am
  5. Happiness/Joy: Sunday, August 6th, 10:30am
  6. Congregation’s Choice: Sunday, August 13th, 10:30am


Sunday, July 16th, 2017 – 10:30am

Part three of our six part series on spiritual disciplines will be on “Prayer.” We all know that we should pray regularly. We teach our children the Lord’s prayer and say prayers (blessings) before meals.  But if the Lord already knows what we need, why should we bother praying? What kinds of things should we be praying for and what does genuine prayer accomplish?

“Regarded in itself prayer is talking to God and at the same time some inner view of the things that are being prayed for. Answering to this there is something akin to an influx into the perception or thought of the person’s mind, which effects a certain opening of his internals towards God. But the experience varies according to the person’s state and according to the essence of whatever he is praying for. If his prayer springs from love and faith, and if they are wholly celestial and spiritual things about which and for which he prays, something like a revelation is present within his prayer which manifests itself in the affection of the one praying in the form of hope, comfort, or some inward joy.” (Arcana Coelestia 2535)